1. Remineralization gel rejuvenates, strengthens, and desensitizes enamel after treatment
2. Excellent for use after teeth whitening treatments to help reduce potential discomfort
3. Can be used independently to reinforce your enamel health
4. Uses natural ingredients and a refreshing mint flavor
5. Easy to use and can be applied with the same trays as your whitening treatment


1. Remineralization Gel strengthens and revitalizes your teeth by increasing the calcium content. Especially important for strength.


2. When you use the Remineralization Gel, Calcium Phosphate, (which is the primary mineral in your teeth and bones) disperses into your teeth to fill the microscopic holes on the surface of the tooth, making teeth stronger and more resistant to tooth decay. So not only will your smile be radiant, but it will be also long-lasting too!


3. Remineralization Gel increases the hardness of your tooth enamel and assists in decreasing tooth sensitivity. No more pain!


4. Great for people who experience sensitivity to hot and cold.  1 per price

KVani Smiles Remineralization Gel

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